Dialogue Earth. Filmstill (earth bags). Regie: Hank Levine

„Dialogue Earth“ documentary debuts on docfilm42

Interview (deutsch) von Anli Serfontein mit der Regisseurin Ulrike Arnold. 

Interview (english) by Anli Serfontein with the director Ulrike Arnold.

„Dialogue Earth“ documentary debuts on docfilm42

You will find an in depth article and interview with Ulrike Arnold out „Dialogue Earth“ on our blog on Medium-Blog and on docfilm42.de. (Thanks to our writers and social media team: Anli Serfontein, Michaela Resch and Patricia Gusovius)

On the 50th World Earth Day, April 22, 2020 a documentary on an artist that makes the earth her canvas starts on docfilm42.

It should have been a bioscope start for Dialogue Earth, now it is a remote VOD start for the film that features the art of Ulrike Arnold.